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Chronic neurological diseases afflict tens of millions people worldwide placing a significant health burden on patients and economic impact on society. The NEU² consortium has defined as its “core” endeavor, the development of novel therapies addressing neuro-inflammatory conditions with a specific focus on multiple sclerosis (MS). Worldwide, approximately 2,5 million people suffer from MS, and projections indicate a steadily increasing prevalence of this disease, especially in developed countries. Although intensive efforts have been made to identify treatments, limited progress has been made to date. At best, the current generation of therapies is capable of delaying the progression of MS, albeit in a proportion of patients only and along with substantial adverse effects.

The NEU² consortium, with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), has created a public-private framework which will use biological, clinical and technological insights to identify and progress treatments for MS. We invite interested parties to come and work with us and welcome the best new ideas, novel targets, clinical and pre-clinical compounds and biologicals into the consortium portfolio. Please contact us and use our efficient project submission process so that together, we can come up with new treatments for this devastating disease.

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